Monday, August 22, 2011

One week

Until school starts for my kiddos. Kaleb will be going it alone this year as he is going to the k-2 school and Megan and Taylor are going to the 3-6 school. There are so many kids in this town that they have to have two schools for elementary. Mind boggling for us coming from a school that served three towns and still only had 320 k-6 students.. Kaleb's school alone has 350 and Megan and Taylor's school has 403. Then there is the middle/high school with 783. Quite a change for us that is for sure. But we love it here. Our neighborhood is so quiet and the cars actually drive slow enough for my kids to be able to ride their bikes with out cars speeding by at 70mph (when the speed limit was actually 35mph) The neighbors come over and talk to us, and the neighbor kids are very nice polite young people. Everything about being here is foreign to us. But we love it here. This is going to be a great place for my kids to grow up.

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