Monday, October 25, 2010

Time marches on...

This year has flown by like no other year I can remember. I have been busier than I have ever been with my kids. Megan with her soccer practices twice a week and games on Saturday. Kaleb with his 8am Sunday practices, and Taylor with her all consuming cheering. Three hour practices on Sunday afternoons, tumbling Monday, cheering Wednesday. It has been fun though, I haven't been bored that is for sure.

Megan's soccer team only lost one game this season, they were great to watch! She got more aggressive this year and really seemed to bloom as a player.

It being Kaleb's first year playing, he was confused at times but really seemed to be having fun. His first real game was yesterday. His team scored only one goal to the other teams 4, but at this age they don't focus on who won or lost but that they all played well and had fun. It was cute to watch them play, a mass of 5 and 6 year olds running after the ball like a swarm of bees.

Taylor has performed in public 5 times since August. The very first time, she got stage fright and literally froze and did nothing but stand there. Poor little girl looked like she was going to throw up. She has done a lot better since then, and is really enjoying it. She is getting really good and just needs to fine tune her timing and she will be a great cheerleader. Her competitions start in December and I can't wait. This is truly something that she loves.

Steve is still working away, and doing great at his job. He is lead man on the job he is working on right now. He still really likes what he is doing, still hates the travel and being away but at this point we can't really do anything different.

And me. I am busy being a chauffeur (which I don't mind doing). I am working at LL Bean again this year, though as usual I am not getting many hours, which is fine with me cause I still get to use my fabulous discount!! I am loving how life is going right now.

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