Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Here's what is up with us!

Steve: has started his new job, this is week three. He is loving it and even though he is gone 4-5 nights a week we are all adjusting. I am "single parenting- part time" again, but I have done this before and it is no big deal...
He is welding which is (almost) his most favorite thing in the world. He is working with his best friend and staying with him so the costs of him being away from home are way down. He likes the people he is working with, the bosses and owners really like him and we are hopeful that this will turn into a permanent job. If he is asked to stay with the company, decisions will have to be made about whether we will move to Massachusetts or New
Hampshire, or if we will stay here and he will continue to drive back and forth. Time will tell. For right now we are just thankful that he has a really good job and that we may finally be coming out of "the little depression".
He still hasn't been to the specialist for his thyroid, he's only been waiting for 6 months. I never realized how much you thyroid can mess up your entire body. After months of phone calls and two rescheduled appointments (on their part) he is going on my birthday. (If it doesn't snow...or flood and there are no tornadoes of hurricanes....or the doctor doesn't decide to take the day off...)

Megan is doing great at school. This kid is a rock star speller!! They are graded at this age on a scale of 1-4. 4 being above grade level. She is getting a 4+ on every spelling test she brings home!! He math is improving, to the point that last week she got ALL of the answers right on her homework, with out my help!!! She continues to be a great reader and is gearing up for her third book project of the year, having gotten a 4+ on her last one and a 4 on the one before. So good luck to

Megs has been doing really
well in basketball this year. Her team is doing amazing!I just love watching them play at this age, all the learning and absolute joy on their faces when they make a basket during a game!! Megs hasn't made any baskets yet, she has one more game, but it doesn't matter to me if she ever scores...she is my super star no matter what!!
She is still enjoying her new room, though I have had to tell her that just because she has her own room doesn't give her license to terrorize her brother and sister and be a dictator. We're still working on it.

Taylor is also doing great in school. She loves going, loves being with her friends, loves helping them in class and loves her teacher. I am very proud of her. Taylor is an interesting child. She is the one who started pre-k without being able to tell me what an "A" looked like. Now she is reading fluently, doing math like a champ and has absolutely no issues with school at all!
She is very bright which is funny because she is unbelievably air headed. (sounds cruel but so true) She has common sense to spare, yet is so scatterbrained. It's a good thing she is adorable because she is an exasperating child.
She is also playing basketball this year. Her first year and so far she is loving it. She's only had two practices so not much to report there.
Tay had to have some teeth pulled because her jaw is so tiny she has no room for her new adult teeth to come in. They were all crowding in together and causing some pain. She had 6 baby teeth pulled and now she looks like a cute little bunny with her giant two front teeth. The dentist used general anesthesia on her and I have been through it with Megan before, but it is never easy to see your child that way. It is always scary for me because their heart rates go way up and they twitch and flail....scary. She came through it just fine, and her teeth are moving into the spots they are supposed to be, so that is good news. My babies and their crooked teeth. I see braces in their futures!!

And finally my baby boy....

Not so much a baby now. Kaleb is enjoying school, yet he hasn't learned anything this year because his class is so chaotic. His teachers spend 95% of their day just trying to get the disruptors to settle down and be quiet. If it was my child I would admit it, but in this case it is not him. (I have no delusions about my kids, I know exactly who and what they are...their strong points and their faults.) He is there to learn and he just can't in that environment. I continue to send him because he likes going and you never know a miracle may happen and all the children will become well behaved angels. (not holding my breath) I am teaching him the things he needs to know to move on to kindergarten because he is not going to repeat pre-k. And if we haven't moved and he starts kindergarten here, I am requesting that he not be placed with the disruptors in his class. Yeah, I just became "that mother". My girls have had such great experiences in school that I really want my son to have that same thing. We will see what the rest of the year brings.

Kaleb is still going to speech once a week and has graduated from his "k" and hard "g" sounds to "shh". This one is proving very difficult for him, but he is a hard worker and he will get there. He is already much easier to understand and it will only get better.

They have all enjoyed playing out in the snow this year. They all got new sleds and Steve used the snowblower to make trails for them to slide on. It has been a blast for them.

As for me, I am fighting a cough I've had since the beginning of December. It is getting better, but slowly. I had to use the plow truck and plow the driveway, something I have avoided in the past. I did a great job if I say so myself. I am enjoying being home with my kiddos again. Though I may be going to work for the 2010 census team. We'll see!!

I am looking forward to what this year holds for us and am happy that it has gotten off to a good start.

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