Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ummm, yeah, that smell is me..... mildewing!

Unbelievable! When on earth are we ever going to see the sun again? This is by far the most depressing start to summer I have ever seen. Tomorrow is July 1, and it feels like the beginning of May. I think we had more sunshine and hotter weather in May.

At this rate my pool is never going to warm up and it will probably overflow if it doesn't stop raining soon!!
I hope that by Saturday it is warm and dry. We are going to Industry for the HUGE fireworks show they have there every year(sponsored by the Industry Fire Department.). We have been 4 or 5 times and it is spectacular. We bring the grill and have a little tailgate party and wait for it to get dark. The kids love it and we look forward to it all year. We're bringing friends this year, so I hope the show is as great as it has always been! If you are looking for a great fireworks show, go to Industry,Maine.

And pray for sunshine!

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Andrew Scott Turner said...

I thought I was the one who smelled...

Have fun at the fireworks.

I heard there will be a break in the rain on the fourth! (From 6:26 p.m. to 6:38 p.m.)