Friday, January 23, 2009

It's done! / She did it again!

The penguin theme cube was finished last night and is off to school this morning. Even though little Tay had no interest in said project, we got it done. It turned out to be very cute and I'm really proud of her! Her coloring was beautiful and her handwriting was top notch. She worked really hard to do a good job and her efforts paid off.

On another note, Megan has been chosen to receive another Good Citizen Award at school. She got one at the end of last year too and I am just so proud of her. The criteria that she had to meet is as follows: She had to consistently be a positive role model. She also had to be kind and considerate of others and had to complete all class work and homework on time. This says volumes about a child who cannot be nice to her sister for 30 seconds or do her chores with out a battle. School, however is a different story. I have heard from every teacher she has had since pre-k how much she is valued as a student and how sad they are when she moves on to the next grade. I'm really very happy that she does so well at school, and I hope her enthusiasm for learning continues straight through to college!! ( I know I'm probably getting ahead of myself, she is only in second grade)