Friday, December 4, 2009

Tis the season

As I do every year, I take a photo of my kids for our Christmas card. And just like every year I have to take 20 pictures to get one that is card worthy. This is by far the best one. They are all smiling and looking at the camera, they don't look constipated and they have their eyes open. It came out nice except for the lack of snow in December.

On Sunday we are going to see the "Big Guy" you know the one with the white beard. It called "Sunday With Santa" and it is for employees of the company I work for. The kids are supposed to get a special gift. Should be fun....for them anyway.

(On a side note)

One thing about being so poor this year is that we can't afford satellite t.v. My kids haven't seen a commercial in 6 months, so they have no idea what is going big for Christmas this year. Thankfully they will be pleased with the meager items they will be getting and be none the wiser. I guess I have being broke to thank for that.


Andrew Scott Turner said...

We don't have cable/dish/direct either. It's a blessing. I just hate not being able to watch the news or sports.

PS: Beautiful clan of kids you got there!

Melissa said...

We went all summer without watching anything but movies...then we discovered long as they don't charge for that, I see no need to EVER have sat tv again.

As for the cute kids, thanks didn't do so bad yourself!!

Evansmom said...

Getting the Christmas card photo was always the most stressful part of the holiday for me. It used to be: get the kid in the right mood and pick an outfit. Take a roll of film, take it to the local drugstore and wait a couple of days. Pick up the photos, decide that none of them capture the perfection of my child, get him dressed up again (complaining louder this time), take another roll of file, take it to the local drugstore, wait a couple of days, pick up that roll of developed phots and hate that set even more. Revisit the first roll of photos and decide that, indeed, there is a photo that will work. Thank good ness for digital cameras! This year, I took 5 or 6 photos, knew immediately which one was the one and had it uploaded on snapfish within minutes. Yeah!

Great photo!