Sunday, October 11, 2009

Switching it up

Big goings on at the Brown compound this weekend. Megan informed me that if she had to share a room with the pig, aka Taylor, any longer, she was going to move out. Since she is only 8 and can't cross the road, let alone fend for herself, we decided to room pig one and pig two, aka Kaleb, together and give Megan a room of her own. Sounds a trifle weird, I'll admit, rooming a boy and girl together, but since there is no law against it AND Kaleb isn't even 5 yet, we decided to go for it. It is probably a move that I will come to regret, as the power has already gone to Megan's head and ear splitting screams are emitting from down yonder "GET OUT OF MY ROOM....NOW"
Oy!! Something I will have to deal with or get three matching muzzles......

Megan is the neatest kid I have ever met. She has always been a neat and tidy kid. I think it's my fault because when she was a baby I was constantly cleaning her room, there I am in the middle of the night organizing her baby toys. She had lived with Taylor and her filth for almost 7 years now and she has had enough. I don't blame her, many of her own possessions have gotten broken and lost because of the chaos that Taylor creates. I love Taylor,my baby girl, she is kind and smart and loving and generous, but... she is a disaster!!! I am constantly finding dirty clothes in her dresser and clean cloths in the hamper. It is enough to make the vein on my forehead bulge!! She can NEVER EVER pick up after herself, and she causes mayhem wherever she goes. Why, might you ask have we now exposed Kaleb to this? He is just as bad as Taylor. He will empty his dresser looking for one shirt and never bother to pick anything up after. He will dump all of his toys on his floor and walk over the top of them with no regard to the things under his feet. When their rooms get so bad that they can't even stand to be in them, there untamed mess spills into the other parts of the house. Oh joy.....

I know I am not alone because parents have been fighting with their children to clean their rooms since the beginning of time, but it doesn't make it less frustrating. Now that they are settled in and their rooms are spotless, we'll see how long it takes the tornado twins to wreak havoc.

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