Thursday, June 4, 2009

Winding Down

8 more days of school for my kiddos, and a busy 8 days at that.

Megan has been testing all week at school. She never gets nervous about tests, I get more nervous about it than she does. I have to admit, I am super competitive where my kids are concerned. I push them to do the best that they possibly can. I want them to be top students, and so far so good. Megan is in the top reading group in her class, she is one of the top spellers, and she does really well with math. More importantly, her behavior is outstanding (at school). She has only had to pull a card (a punishment system at school. Different color cards mean different levels of naughtiness) twice this year. The first time she said the word "damn" under her breath and got tattled on, so she got in trouble (even though the teacher didn't hear it), and the second time the whole class had to pull a card for not paying attention. I am really looking forward to third grade and I hear the teachers are great. This year has been....lets say...confusing. Sometimes the homework wasn't clear and sometimes the wrong assignment got sent home. But we made it through and I am very glad it's almost over. Next Thursday is the second grade show, "Going Buggy". Megan is a butterfly (how cute) and songs will be sung and fun will be had by all. (Hopefully)

Taylor is testing this week too, and she has done so well this year that I am still stunned. This is the child who entered pre-k without knowing any letters or numbers and had no desire to learn them. Now she is reading, (at a grade one 7 months level) and writing at a third grade level. (Based on sentence structure and completeness), she is also fairly good at math. She has been helping the other students in her class that have struggled all year. Her behavior had been outstanding (NO cards pulled) and even better, her teacher is looping next year. She will have the same teacher next year in first grade, that she had this year in kindergarten. Her teacher is moving up and keeping her students. This is huge!!! I am very excited. This means that Taylor won't have to drop back in reading (as is usually done) and she already know her teacher and what is expected of her. I have a feeling next year she will really excel!!! Nest Wednesday and Thursday in Taylor's class they will be displaying their habitats that they built for their project animal. Tay picked a gray squirrel and did the whole thing by herself. I'm such a proud momma!!!

Another good thing, is school doesn't start until September 2. I can't remember the last time school didn't start in August. And of course, the new school consolidation, R.S.U. 10. I have heard good things so far. I guess we will see what happens during the school year.


Corrine said...

I am waiting to see how the consolidation goes also. I am hoping for a better special ed dept. Andy and I are hoping to adopt, and special needs is probably in the cards!

ps...what beauties you have!

Evansmom said...

It is great that you are so interested in the schools. I think that is such a big help in helping your kids succeed.