Monday, April 27, 2009

Cracking heads, face plant and shower injuries

My accident prone children were up to their usual this past week. On Wednesday shortly before we were leaving to go to the dentist, Taylor and Kaleb decided that running at each other full speed down the hallway would be "the coolest thing". Riiiiight!! Taylor ended up with what can only be described as a purple Easter egg on her forehead and Kaleb didn't have a mark on him. She is fine, but "scary nasty bruise" is still on her head and the blood that had pooled in her bruise has now migrated to her eyes for two wonderful shiners.

Then on Friday while at a friends for supper, Megan decided to ride a bike down the very steep driveway as fast as she could pedal it. She ended up over the handle bars with a broken tooth, numerous scrapes and cuts to her nose, cheek,forehead, lips, elbows, hand and knees. She drove two teeth in to her lips, and said lips now resemble Angelina Jolie's pouty puss. She swore that she wasn't going to go to school with a broken tooth, but the coolness factor won out and she went to school this morning. I have made an appointment for the tooth to be fixed but they cautioned me it probably won't last. Great!!!

A week ago last Friday I was shaving my legs in the shower when my foot that I thought was so firmly planted went speeding behind me. I went down, as they say, like a ton of bricks. My knee and ankle twisted in opposite and unnatural positions. Of course the only ones at home were Myself 6 year old Taylor and 4 year old Kaleb. I had the roaring in my ears and the spinning light-headedness and hot flash that I am told precede going into shock. I somehow managed to get out of the tub, though I can't remember exactly how that happened, and hobble to my bed. I called for a phone a glass of water and prayed I wouldn't pass out on my kiddos. I did end up in the emergency room, but only had a minor sprain to my ankle and a moderate sprain to my knee. I have been on "crotches" as Taylor calls them for the past week but I am getting around better and only use them occasionally.

They say bad things come in threes, so I hope that this will be my three and nothing else goes wrong.

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