Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Projects!

My 6 year old daughter "Ray Ray" is in kindergarten this year and is doing fantastic. Of course she is doing all of the things my oldest daughter did in kindergarten so it's a big ol' repeat for me. Right down to the "penguin" project.( A box covered with construction paper with tidbits about a certain penguin) I have such a hard time with these projects because I just want to do them myself. I can't handle the general messiness that goes along with a child of 6 coloring and writing. Ugh! I have a hard time letting go and just allowing my kids to express themselves creatively. Its a struggle when a type A personality marries a type B and the children that result are messy little critters. As the years have gone by and the kids get a little older, I have learned to just let some things go. By the time my son enters kindergarten in the fall of 2010, I should be a complete basket case, and not give a hoot what his penguin project looks like. (Because we all know the penguin cube will never die) I pray that I can dig deep and find the strength to remove my "over achiever mom" hat and let my little do it her way.

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