Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh good, an early start (can you smell the sarcasm?)

The tummy bug has descended upon us early this year. Usually we have no fear of it until at least February, and if I can manage to keep the kids away from other kids (they go to public school so it's impossible, but I try) then we avoid the plague until March or even April. This year however, the weirdest and strangest of years, we have been heaving and (well you all know what comes with the tummy bug).To top it all off, they all have sore throats and are getting all stuffy. Yay, a nice cold to round out all the illness. Thankfully the tummy bug only lasts a short 12-18 hours, where the common cold can last more than a week. I'll take the coughing,sneezing, stuffy head,drippy nose, sore throat any day over the tummy bug.

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